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What is a Life Group?


During the week we run a number of small groups which we call “Life Groups”. These groups come together with the aim of:-

  • GATHER by meeting up and sharing life together
  • GROW as followers of Jesus
  • GO by reaching out to others, welcoming newcomers and by serving our community

What are the groups like?

  • They last from between 1 1/2 to 2 hours
  • They usually have from between 5 - 14 members
  • They meet every other week but with social events too

What happens in the group?

  • Gathering together possibly with refreshments and some time of worship
  • Growing together by studying the Bible and praying for each other and helping each other become more like Jesus
  • Going together by prayer, encourage one another to witness where God has placed us and by seeking to be a blessing to our community

What does being in a Life Group involve?

  • There is no official commitment, but over time you will get the best out of a Life Group by giving of yourself, building relationships and being open to newcomers
  • We encourage people to commit to a Life Group as a key part of being a Highway Vineyard Church member
  • You can choose the level of involvement, but there will be plenty of opportunities to grow, serve, reach out and be developed in your gifts


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