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Children at Highway

Jesus said "Let the children come to me, don't try and stop them" Mark 10 v 14 


At Highway, our mission is to bring the love of God alive in the hearts of children.  We run an exciting programme where children come together to learn about the love of God and the Christian faith on a Sunday morning, running parallel with the second half of our main meeting.


Our hope is that the children feel a part of our church family here at Highway and grow to love and follow Jesus.





PEBBLES - Creche


Creche is for babies and toddlers aged 0 - 3 years old

It takes place during the message part of our service in a room directly next to our Main Hall and you are welcome to take your child into the creche during this time.

There you will find toys, games and books that you and your child can play with.  The message is also relayed into the creche, both visually and audibly, so that carers will not miss anything.


STEPPING STONES - 3 - 5 year old


When children are ready to be left; no longer needing one to one attention, they are ready to join Stepping Stones.  They will be able to join in with activities and group work with the other children.

This group takes place every Sunday where a team of dedicated workers ensure that children enjoy discovering more about Jesus.


GROUND BREAKERS (reception year 2)

ROCK SOLID (years 3 & 4)

BOULDER GANG (years 5 & 6)


5 - 11 year olds - these groups are where children are more independent and are ready to work with others, and join in fully with activities and group work.  We will also provide a room where they can be taught biblical truth, through relationships with a focus on life-skills for everyday Christian living.

We use ages here as a rough guide to stages of each child's development, recognising that each child is different.


and taking place during the week we have ......




A parent/carer baby and toddler group

Every Thursday (during school term time)

10.00 am - 11.30 am


This group is open to all and provides a safe, friendly environment for parents/carers and young children in our area to meet together for fun, friendship and conversation.


We make a small charge of £1 per family


Jumping kids








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