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 Who we are 

Highway’s Vision is to be a New Testament Church in the 21st Century. By this we mean that our aim and ambition is to be like the ‘early Church’ which features in the Acts of the Apostles – in passages such as Chapter 2 v 42- 47.


Whilst aiming to keep to New Testament principles we seek to be relevant to our generation.

We are a Church that emphasises the importance of scripture and the presence of the Holy Spirit whilst seeking to be culturally sensitive to those we are reaching out to. The Church’s mission statement says that: ‘Our prime function is to love God with all our being and to be fruitful in making disciples of all nations.’ We want to do this by compassionately and contagiously demonstrating and communicating the love of God. We want to make a real difference where God has placed us here in the East End of London and through its multicultural inhabitants to the nation and nations.

 Latest Media 
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Simon Clinton, 10/09/2017
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Ken Anderson, 27/08/2017
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Alison Klufio, 20/08/2017
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Ann Bellenie, 13/08/2017
In a home with Emmaus - Resurrection Supper
Mark Ensing, 30/07/2017
The Last Supper
Simon Clinton, 23/07/2017
In Zacchaeus’ home
Mark Bollans, 16/07/2017