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Highway’s origins can be traced back to the 1880s where a series of ‘revival meetings’ were held in Stratford by the Americans D.L. Moody and I. Sankey. Between 3000 and 7000 people attended. Out of this mission a conference hall was built in Bryant Street, which was where Highway was conceived. It was a conference hall that was meant to remain a non-denominational mission to the East End of London. In the early 1930s Mr Leopold Harris, a managing director of a soap company, took over as Superintendant of the hall.

However when there was some disagreement about the spiritual direction of the hall Leopold Harris felt compelled to leave. He was asked by approximately 80 of the workers to continue his interest with the mission work in Stratford. For a while this group was without a building in which to worship so they met in various halls until finally a site was found and purchased at 90-92 Romford Road and Highway hall was built. The grand opening of Highway was on January 15th 1936. Over the years the Church went through a number of changes as attendance of the congregation and the children’s work ebbed and flowed. However throughout the 70 plus years there has always been a heart of mission to communicate and demonstrate the love of God.


In October 2002 Simon Clinton arrived with his family to become the Church’s fifth pastor. With the help of the eldership team he has overseen the Church move towards its current outworking of being a mission based community and in recent times the move into Highway’s new contemporary building.


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